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About Bobbleware Philippines

Prior to Bobbleware, Hannah was on the hunt for a tumbler that would suit her on-the-go lifestyle. A tumbler that is sustainable, reusable and convenient. Qualities that aren’t so hard to find in an eco-conscious world. However, the tumblers Hannah tried left her wanting more– ideally, a tumbler that comes with a reusable straw and tote bag, would not easily break when the drink is either too hot or too cold, wouldn’t leave a distinct taste and smell after every use. It was a futile quest for Hannah until she discovered Bobbleware Australia. 

Wanting to share her amazing experience with others, Hannah brought Bobbleware to the Philippines in December 2020. An advocate of sustainable and eco-friendly products, she has since focused on promoting Bobbleware and has become a full-fledged passion project. With Bobbleware’s high-class form, minimalist and beautiful aesthetic, she is confident that more and more people will be encouraged to take part in various sustainable initiatives. She believes that collectively, in our own little way, we can carry-out real change to the world by continuously making conscious consumption starting with Bobbleware.


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